maven consultants employs professionals to conduct work on behalf of our Oil and Gas clients. We specialise in all aspects of well design (from conceptual to detailed design) and provide experienced personnel to plan and supervise the execution of new completion installation, well interventions and well abandonments. Our services cover the following disciplines:


Deck andDrill Crews

  • Certified offshore crane drivers
  • Certified offshore rigger/dogman & scaffolders
  • Offshore Toolpushers, drillers, roughnecks, & complete drill crews

Well Services Supervisors

  • Experienced Well Services Supervisors (slickline, braided line, e-line, coil tubing, pumping operations, workover support & fishing)
  • Extensive experience on the North West Shelf (various clients)
  • Plan, supervise, execute and close out of well intervention activities
  • Involved with developing & testing new equipment and tooling technologies

Wellhead Technicians and Specialists

  • Experienced Offshore technicians to supervise and execute all wellhead activities (tree installations, maintenance and change-outs)
  • Tree maintenance and integrity planning
  • Experienced wellhead specialists (onshore & offshore operations

Well Completion Supervisors

  • Experienced Well Completion Supervisors for the planning and execution of new completions and work-overs
  • Experience in big bore gas wells, long horizontal completions with sand control (screens and gravel packing)
  • Quality control of completion equipment, make-up and pressure testing
  • Equipment factory acceptance testing and qualification

Completion Design Engineers

  • Design and selection of all completion components (Tubing, SSSV, packers, gauges, gas lift valves, ESPs, inflow control devices)
  • Sand failure analysis (Rock mechanics analysis)
  • Detailed design of sand control (screens, gravel packing, perforating)
  • Completion fluid selection and optimisation
  • Artificial life design (gas lift, ESPs, PCPs)
  • Life-cycle tubing stress analysis
  • Well suspension and abandonment design

Well Testing Coordinators

  • Development of well testing standards, guidelines and assurance processes for our clients
  • Development of well testing procedures and test acceptance criteria
  • Assist/ Facilitate/Prepare all WT HAZID/HAZOP workshops and Vessel safety case revisions.
  • Conduct contractor equipment audits & inspections.
  • Supervise well testing operations (onshore and offshore)